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 Many Pretty Sissy Panties, dresses, slips, etc. for Sale

Assorted Sissy Panties

 Handmade in the USA for anyone who enjoys owning beautiful Sissy Clothes.

 Specialized Sewing for Adult Sissy, Adult Baby, Fetish, Bondage, Locking Dress,  custom made clothing for all lifestyles.

Punishment Panties Too!

Adult Baby Sissy clothes

Everything is Made in the USA

  Shipped directly to you Discreetly.

Let's get some excitement going in your life today!

Home of Beautiful Hand Crafted Sissy Clothing

Pink frilly Princess Party Dress

Satin and Organza


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Measurements for the Princess Dress

The pink satin princess dress can be  custom made to fit you!

Send me a separate email with your measurements for this dress.


Skirt section is approximately 17 inches long

(Just get ready to be delighted and prance in this sweet adorable dress)

Dresses are approximately 34 inches in length

~Pink Satin Princess Dress supreme ruffles~


It is really beautiful when you wear petticoats under it.

 I do not make or supply petticoats or crinolines .

~Long Sweet sash that ties in the back~

Full circle skirt



Excellent Quality Fabric.

 Dresses are custom made!

  This is by far my most popular dress. I have received many requests for this dress.

Email Address:


Special Note:

If you would like to add accessories for any dress, such as an apron or extra bows, Email me for additional information.

Adding an apron, will allow you wear this dress as a maid's dress if needed.


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Email ME!


Beautiful Handmade Panties for Men

I have numerous styles and designs on my site for your consideration

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More Sissy Panties from Missy Key


Missy Key's Panty Parade

Assorted Panty Styles for Everyone to Enjoy

Email me with your favorites for a price quote

Prices for panties range between $35-$75

Prices depend on size, color, fabric, decorations, etc.

There are several pages associated with my web site, just look around while you are here and click on other pages. I make dresses, slips, panties, aprons, ruffled tights, all sorts of handmade lingerie.

More Panties

Adult sissy Fluffy Panties




Note: I do not have anymore of this particular floral ruffled fabric, a substitution of a similar sheer print will be used.

Price for these: 79.99 plus shipping














p-9 Pink metal panties

string style trimmed with black lace

Metallic bikini style panties in whatever available colors, I can obtain- $39

Colors vary in metallic caused by lighting, camera and fabric responses to these types of sparkle fabrics.



Lavender string style panties- nylon, rear seam, lace around the waist and legs $37

p - 10

Strawberry Shortcake Ruffled Panties

Fabric print and lace  may vary slightly depends on what is available




Strawberry shortcake - back view

Blue gingham- ruffled panties

Double layer satin pouch front panties

$42.00 each



Pewter- silver double layer satin pouch style panties- $42


Black satin double layer panties with wide ruffles around the legs

$55.00- any color satin available (double layer satin wide ruffles around the legs)


Little girl style Pinafores

White pinafore- 5 gores, ties in the back, ruffled straps

any color

Cotton - $145.00

Satins- $175.00

length of skirt section is 22"

Wide sash for the back, ties a big bow. You can specify the overall length of the pinafore

Bodice is 14"

$145.00- pinafore in a cotton or cotton blend fabric



Double layer pouch Panties with a curved front

p-21 pink ruffled sheer

p-22 pink ruffled lace sheer


Panty 22 -Ruffled Colors

p-22 REAR view- pink sheer

p-24 lavender extreme ruffled with black lace trim


p-25 peach sheer with wide leg ruffles


p - 26.2008 - RED sheer panties with black lace trim

p-27- light pink sheer with wide leg ruffles

p - 28

string style

lavender Satin

p - 29 Plum sheer panties

p -30 RED and Black sheer ruffles trimmed in REd lace


 p - 31  sheer ruffles with big sissy Bow





  Pink sheer nylon with lots of ruffles all around the panty

p - 32




News for 2015:

Save some money on your order from me:

Regarding anything you buy from my Web site

I accept Pay Pal as well as US money orders.


Pay Pal is the preferred payment method, however, I am charged by Pay Pal for each transaction in their fee schedule.

I personally do all the sewing for my site and I try to keep prices as low as possible for my clients.


Paying me with a money order will never delay the processing of your order. I will begin your order as soon as you advise me your payment has been mailed to me. My goal is to pass along this savings to you.

Thanks! Linda

















Special custom made

Locking Dress

Bo Peep Pretty Little Girl's Dress

Bo Peep Dress

  Send me your chest/waist etc. measurements!

Short skirting is 14 inches long!

Your panties will certainly show!

I can sew loops directly on this dress which will permit Locking this dress on the wearer.

I do not provide the locks and small chains, due to the added shipping weight.

Zips up the back!

I add Hidden loops around the waist and up the back as needed which will restrict the dress from being removed unless you have the key!

~~Wink..Wink~~You Naughty Girl~~

~No petticoat is included~



Ct="" border="0" src="https://www.paypalobjects.com/WEBSCR-640-20110306-1/en_US/i/scr/pixel.gif" width="1" height="1">

Peter Pan collar

Sissy Satin sleeve Panties For Men



Pink Satin Padded Ridged sleeve Panties

Size Needed



I use satins and taffeta's to personally make these pretty dresses.

 I make them to last a long time. The fabric is washable.


Style of lace may vary depending upon my supply on hand. All dresses are beautifully Hand made.

You will be so happy when your sweet dress arrives.

Order your special dress or pretty panties today.

Place an order, sweetie..

Write to me- "click Here"

Design your own panty style

I can make IT!


Brief style -customized



Email me if you need anything special made!

Email ME!

I always respond promptly to my Email inquiries.








~Missy Key~


I grew up sewing and designing all of my own clothes.

I like to experiment with design and fabrics.

I spent the major part of my adult life working for the same Telecommunications Company.

At retirement, I finally found the time to devote to my most loved hobby, sewing.

I began selling and sewing pretty party dresses, panties, slips, bra's and other Sissy lingerie 7 years ago for My internet friends.

I  create my own designs and patterns. I am from the deep South. I fully understand how to make a dress perfect for a Southern Belle.

I can make most any style dress, however, I prefer to make the short Sissy style dresses as depicted in the above pictures.

I use really nice satins, taffeta's and sheers to create my dresses.

I use Vanity Fair Silky smooth nylons to make my fancy sissy panties, bra's and slips.

I never accept more work than I can handle. I take great pride in keeping my word with my customers in all transactions.

I am the only person doing the sewing.

If you buy an item from me, rest assured it will be shipped quick and Discreetly just as stated.

I am always available to answer your questions and concerns.

My son created this web site for me a few years ago. I update it periodically to add additional pictures of my latest designs.

Your business is very important to me.

I do not reveal any client information to any one. I do not share email addresses, never.

Privacy is very important to me too.


I ship promptly and discreetly daily.

Your pretty dress will be custom made and packed for shipment. You will be advised the day that I ship it to you in order that you can be watching the mail box for it to arrive.

I ship with delivery confirmation

I ship worldwide

International shipping fees DETERMINED BY WEIGHT and receiving country. I ship using Express International Mail varies/ costs between $20-$50 as a general estimation.

All international packages are weighed after the products are completed to determine exact shipping fees. You will receive notification once your package has been wrapped and weighed for those shipping fees.   

Additionally, any custom fees, import duties, are the sole responsibility of the buyer. I do not have any control over International custom fees, duties or import charges which may be imposed by your country.

Frankly, I am almost to the point of not offering any international shipping options due to the expense, time and slow delivery (caused by customs and carriers) of international parcels.

Questions regarding International shipping are answered promptly.

Order one of my pretty dresses today!

Page updated: 04-10-2012





 Yards and Yards of lace and Ruffling!

   ~Rustling, shiny, slippery, taffeta and Satins~

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Hello Sweeties...

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my  web site.

Specializing in handmade outfits for Big Little Girls, Adult Babies, Square Dancing,etc.

I make an assortment of sissy Clothing including

 French Maid's Dress, Locking Dress, Snowball Panties, Punishment Panties, Frilly ruffled Rhumba Panties, Pageant Dresses, Party Dresses and all kinds of other lingerie with emphasis on total quality.

 I also make outfits for  Sissy Boys, Bondage, cross dressers, Costumes Wear, Vintage Replicas, and also offering lots of  other fun items for those who just enjoy pretty undergarments and lingerie.

Your sissy dress styles are always on my mind!


My name is Missy Key, I  continuously offer new handmade items. I am always sewing and making frillies and fluffies for you to enjoy and wear. 

I make Sissy frilly dresses, panties, slips and other specialty lingerie items.

My handmade things are always quality constructed and carefully made to ensure that they last a very long time.

 I use excellent fabrics, notions, elastic, lace, etc. for my sewing.

Sewing  is what Missy Key does Now!

if you see something that appeals to you from my site, please email me and we can discuss sizing, price, etc.



Exciting news!

 I have Several pages for my web site.  The links are displayed below. They link to to the pages where pictures are displayed from my past creations.

Coming Soon more Sissy clothes for Sale from Missy.Key.Com

I also have a surprise sissy Training Starter kit for Sale now!

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Miscellaneous Items for  Immediate Sale



Click this link to send me a message:

My e-mail's are always answered promptly!


Shipping Details

Worldwide Shipping

International shipping varies- depends on weight and destination.

I am not responsible for any custom fees that may be imposed to you by your country. Any custom fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Any questions regarding International shipping, please email me.

I ship using the US post office,

Prompt, reliable, and Fast shipping!

US parcels are Shipped with delivery confirmation.

I use tracking on everything that I ship to you.

Payment Methods

I accept Pay-pal  or US Postal money orders. You can pay me securely using Pay Pal.

Pay Pal allows you to use any major credit card or pay me from your checking account using an "E" Check.

US Postal Money Orders are also appreciated.

 Email me with any questions regarding shipping fees.


I can only ship to the address that is printed on your Pay Pal payment. Pay Pal requires that I ship only to the registered address that you have on record with your Pay Pal account. No exceptions.

Should you need your package shipped to an alternate address, Send a money order to me which includes the alternate shipping details. Thanks!

I am not a merchant, this is my sewing hobby.

I do not have a physical credit card machine. I cannot process any credit card payments using an account number. You will need to set up a Pay Pal account or send me a money order. I accept US postal money orders. I cannot accept International money orders. My bank will not cash foreign money orders.


 Once your payment is received, I carefully pack and Ship your outfit to you immediately.


Should you have any additional questions, just email me. Thanks and HUGS from MISSY KEY...to each of you, my customers! Have a wonderful Day!


Missy Key

Thanks for visiting!!!

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"Give a little love and it all comes back to you".

You can donate at your discretion. Each donor will receive a special "Sissy Thank You" along with a little surprise from me in your mail too! Big hugs!! Darlings..




Special Note: I would like each of you viewing MissyKey.Com to know that my mother works very hard and long hours doing what she loves to do and she makes every effort to make you the very best in handmade clothes. She worked many years in customer service and I can assure you will not be disappointed in her work.  She has always loved sewing and I'm glad that she is retired now and finally getting to do something she really enjoys.

Her Son

Thank you so much for your Continued interest in my sewing and designing.

    I look forward to shipping something pretty to you soon!       



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I work very hard to create the best handmade clothing which will give your years of enjoyment.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to look at my website.

I have many pages attached to this web site displaying images of my sewing hobby designs.


Note: I do my absolute best to create each item ordered as close to the provided images( mine or yours) pictured, using preferred sizing, fabrics, colors, trims, bows etc. Substitutions for fabric colors, lace styles, etc. may be necessary if I cannot get the exact one pictured. I will communicate with you on additional fabric selections for your order as needed.

However, I do not accept returns and I do not do alterations after something has been shipped to you.

Additionally, I do not accept used clothes, especially used panties. Please do not ask me or please do not ship used panties to me for repairs and copy's to be made. I make new panties, new dresses, new slips, new skirts, etc. I won't attempt to duplicate a pair of worn out, used panties nor will I repair elastic, ripped seams, holes, damaged old panties for anyone.


If you have additional questions, just ask.

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